Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seattle Center at night

Seattle Center
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Taken at the Seattle Center ride place after The Dark Knight in IMAX at the Seattle Center.


The Dark Knight at IMAX

We saw The Dark Knight at IMAX last night and it. was. awesome! My eyes were dried out and red afterward because I didn't want to blink and miss a frame of the flim.

I'm so sad that Heath Ledger passed away. His Joker is timeless and I don't see how the character will survive without him playing the part. The astonishing part to me was how human he was animating such a big character. My favorite part was when he was dressed up as the nurse. He looked so small and weak. His mannerisms, strong and quirky throughout the flim, were most hilarious when he was walking away from the hospital in the nurse's uniform.

Just as in the story, Bruce Wayne has largely disappeared into the legend of Batman, Christian Bale disappeared from the film. Batman is the immovable object in the flim. And the action sequences were remarkable. However, Batman is the straight man. Everything happens to and around him as he fights chaos to bring about the correct moral order. Chaos is just more interesting than the order that Batman fights to create and maintain.

Even thought the flim was long, I didn't want it to end. Having it end knowing that we will never see more of Heath Ledger's Joker makes it all the more sad.


Sunday, July 06, 2008