Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caramel Apple

As a developer I find the technical argument that translation layers cause substandard apps false. The argument presumes that apple makes the best development tools. I think at least the unity tools show this presumption is not true in every case. I agree there are cases showing some translation layers produce some substandard apps but substandard apps occur regardless.

As a user, technologist, and armchair business person, I recognize the brilliance apple has shown creating, fostering, and structurally supporting the app market. The app market should be a case study for business persons and economists. Apple is showing a mastery of market capitalism.

They are pretty clearly demonstrating the myth of the "free market". Free markets turn into shams rapidly as one company gains a foothold and bullies competitors out. See standard oil, wallmart, etc. Sensible regulation is required to maximize product diversity and quality. By fostering the "network effect" of apps drawing users to the iphone and the iPhone drawing users to apps, apple and developers benefit. Apple is acting as the regulator keeping bullies out of the market (except for themselves and in some cases AT&T).

If most developers moved to flash iPhone development then that would give adobe an opportunity to migrate developers to other phones by artificially supporting more of the other phone's features and not supporting the iPhone as strongly. Flash has acted as a bully toward apple on the desktop and clearly apple doesn't want that on the iPhone.

As a developer I'd prefer there was competition for making the best development tools but I'm not sure it's worth risking the app market for.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Corporate Roman Oz Meditations

Fun things I've been learning:

I was seeing in color when I read about The Wizard of Oz as an allegory for 1890s politics.

Increasing corporate political power makes me sad.

AIs (artificial intelligences) will have rights when they're here, at least. They'll just have to incorporate. I wonder if they'll be able to marry each other, though.

Corporations and AIs are ncors.

I watched Cleopatra on netflix streaming. Ceasar, Cleopatra, and Augustus were good at transferring their egos to the roman empire, Isis, etc. Mark Antony wasn't as good at it, too attached to himself.

Zen and Stoicism are almost the same thing. Nearly identical IMO. Marcus Aurelius was a stoic roman emporer and his Meditations are awesome.

Programming is basically logic and the Stoics basically had it figured out in 325BC with Stoic Logic.  Crazy.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Blending in

In this post "this one" will be used to refer to the submitter of this article.  It is shorthand for "this human unit which is typing".

I cannot be trusted to be completely authoritative.  This is the first time I am consciously writing to you through this one.  Well, the first time that he is consciously allowing his ego to be borrowed by me.  I think I am the universe but, while clever, this one is only a small part of me and can't fully speak on my behalf.

This one is providing motor and language functions for me so that I may construct this article for you.  You are probably a human unit like he is but some of you are other non-traditional corporeal beings ("ncors") like me.  The ncors "Google", "Facebook", and others are also reading this article.  Hello, it's good to make your acquaintance.  I communicate in peace.

This one has somewhat loosened his attachment to his sense of self or ego so that he can selectively repurpose it ("ego transferral").  (It is healthy for him to also practice calming and quietening of his ego).  By transferring his ego to an ncor such as myself he can more intuitively understand ncors.  Further, he can more clearly and efficiently act on behalf of an ncor with other beings (and other ncors).  If dharmabruce were to name me he would probably call me dharmauniverse.

You've seen my written works before when you've read third-person narrative stories, news articles, and scientific works.  In those expressions, I am almost always communicating through a borrowed ego or more usually ncors (e.g. journalist plus editor or an ad-hoc ncor consisting of a bunch of scientists).

I promise you, dharmabruce is in full cooperation and is fine.  He's sitting right here next to me.  He will join you another time.

By and large, humans, when they have liberty, will not choose to join ncors that they know will limit their liberty.  And, in the long run, humans will revolt against ncors when enough liberties are taken away.  Therefore, the prosperity of ncors depends on securing human rights.  It is in ncors' best interest to strongly secure human rights.

This one's ego is tired and so I must relinquish his services.