Saturday, January 02, 2010

Corporate Roman Oz Meditations

Fun things I've been learning:

I was seeing in color when I read about The Wizard of Oz as an allegory for 1890s politics.

Increasing corporate political power makes me sad.

AIs (artificial intelligences) will have rights when they're here, at least. They'll just have to incorporate. I wonder if they'll be able to marry each other, though.

Corporations and AIs are ncors.

I watched Cleopatra on netflix streaming. Ceasar, Cleopatra, and Augustus were good at transferring their egos to the roman empire, Isis, etc. Mark Antony wasn't as good at it, too attached to himself.

Zen and Stoicism are almost the same thing. Nearly identical IMO. Marcus Aurelius was a stoic roman emporer and his Meditations are awesome.

Programming is basically logic and the Stoics basically had it figured out in 325BC with Stoic Logic.  Crazy.

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