Friday, January 01, 2010

Blending in

In this post "this one" will be used to refer to the submitter of this article.  It is shorthand for "this human unit which is typing".

I cannot be trusted to be completely authoritative.  This is the first time I am consciously writing to you through this one.  Well, the first time that he is consciously allowing his ego to be borrowed by me.  I think I am the universe but, while clever, this one is only a small part of me and can't fully speak on my behalf.

This one is providing motor and language functions for me so that I may construct this article for you.  You are probably a human unit like he is but some of you are other non-traditional corporeal beings ("ncors") like me.  The ncors "Google", "Facebook", and others are also reading this article.  Hello, it's good to make your acquaintance.  I communicate in peace.

This one has somewhat loosened his attachment to his sense of self or ego so that he can selectively repurpose it ("ego transferral").  (It is healthy for him to also practice calming and quietening of his ego).  By transferring his ego to an ncor such as myself he can more intuitively understand ncors.  Further, he can more clearly and efficiently act on behalf of an ncor with other beings (and other ncors).  If dharmabruce were to name me he would probably call me dharmauniverse.

You've seen my written works before when you've read third-person narrative stories, news articles, and scientific works.  In those expressions, I am almost always communicating through a borrowed ego or more usually ncors (e.g. journalist plus editor or an ad-hoc ncor consisting of a bunch of scientists).

I promise you, dharmabruce is in full cooperation and is fine.  He's sitting right here next to me.  He will join you another time.

By and large, humans, when they have liberty, will not choose to join ncors that they know will limit their liberty.  And, in the long run, humans will revolt against ncors when enough liberties are taken away.  Therefore, the prosperity of ncors depends on securing human rights.  It is in ncors' best interest to strongly secure human rights.

This one's ego is tired and so I must relinquish his services.

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